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Concierge Dentistry

Concierge Dentistry

  • A personal relationship with your doctor
  • Personalized health care treatment plans
  • A non traditional model of patient care-VIP
  • Staff assistance with the patients’ insurance company benefits and reimbursements


  • We employ cutting edge technology to our dental services every day
  • Our advanced equipment and procedures result in faster and more comfortable treatments and healthier, happy patients

Comfortable Care

  • Modern comforts to minimize apprehension
  • Friendly faces to make your visit pleasurable
  • Sedation dentistry available



Innovative Technology

Our doctors use the Comfort Control Syringe™ that permits an electronic delivery of anesthetic resulting in near painless injections.  Our office is fully digital including x-rays and intraoral cameras that permit the patient a “birds-eye” view of his or her dental condition and planned treatments.  At every visit, our patients receive complete and thorough oral exams by our doctors including the use of the Velscope™ which plays a major role in the early detection of mucosal abnormalities and oral tumors and cancers. We are proud to announce that our office's newest ultra, high tech addition is the Cerec™ crown cad-cam.  How would you like to have your crown designed, milled, glazed and permanently cemented all in a single visit?  Our patients do!

We don’t fill cavities like your parents’ dentist! Rather, the latest filling apparatus is the Sonic Fill™ sonic activated composite cavity system that permits cosmetic, fast and beautiful fillings.

Finally, the future of dentistry is here in our office.  Our doctors use a diode laser for many difficult soft tissue treatments greatly reducing discomfort experienced,  from traditional methods, for ultra high definition teeth whitening and relief of TMJ pain.


Comfortable Care

We understand that no one enjoys going to the dentist.  We strive to make our patients’ visits unremarkable in a remarkable way!  Our doctors amaze our patients’ everyday by the use of the Comfort Control Syringe™ system to inject anesthetic prior to treatment.  We can’t take the number of times per week our patients ask our doctors “when do I get the shot”? But it’s over!

If your gums are sensitive, our office offers Cyclorinse™, a specially formulated pre-oral rinse that truly numbs the tissues to allow our doctors to perform full and complete treatment of your mouth absent discomfort.

We think beyond care of your mouth when treating our patients.  We protect your eyes by the use of Rollens™ wrap around eye shields. We provide contoured neck pillows and blankets if desired.  To minimize the “sound” of our equipment that sometimes bothers our patients, we use “noise cancelling” headphones offering the latest music through our MP3 players or television.  Should your jaws become uncomfortable during a treatment, our staff is quick to apply both, hot or cold compresses to relieve the discomfort.

For those patients that are truly apprehensive about their visit, and so that we may provide the very best care and ensure your dental health, we offer Nitrous Oxide and/or mild prescription medication to help calm your nerves.