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Invisalign® Clear Braces

In the past, the idea of correcting the structure and placement of teeth meant uncomfortable metal brackets and wires. It didn’t help that because of the placement of those brackets and wires, many people had a lot of difficulty keeping their teeth and gum clean and healthy during treatment. Modern dentistry definitely came a long way when Invisalign orthodontics became available. While conventional braces still have a place, there are many reasons to consider Invisalign for your dental needs.

Invisalign® orthodontics is custom made for every patient. That means the fit is as close to perfect as possible and more comfortable overall than traditional braces. The custom fit also means easier oral hygiene practices and greater comfort during the entire treatment process.

The benefits don’t stop there. Invisalign® is made from a virtually invisible plastic material. While no one likes the look of metal brackets, especially adult patients, appreciate the opportunity to correct their smile without most people even noticing the process. A more attractive look isn’t the only thing the clear, plastic material used for Invisalign® offers. Since the aligners are made perfectly for the patient’s teeth and stage of treatment, they are removable, leaving the patient the freedom to eat and drink whatever he or she wants without the common concerns associated with conventional treatments. Additionally, patients also have the freedom to brush and floss their teeth without the hindrance of brackets and wires.

If it’s time to consider the right treatment plan to correct your smile and make it perfect, Invisalign cuts down on time spent in the dental chair by advancing to the next set of aligners about every week, offers a before unknown freedom while correcting crooked teeth, overbite, or overcrowding. Dr. Smith and her team are well equipped and ready to help you start down the road to your perfect smile.